Customer Service

Use the information provided below for assistance logging in to PaymentNet:


Contact J.P. Morgan Customer Service

If you are a cardholder and you need password reset, login, or navigation assistance:

As long as you have a card, you can contact J.P. Morgan Customer Service for login assistance, regardless of the system role(s) assigned to you in PaymentNet.

Program Administrators

Contact Client Application Support (CAS)

Note:    PaymentNet is a role-based system. A Program Administrator is someone that your organization has assigned to manage your card program.

Other Roles

Contact your Organization's Program Administrator

If you are a Transaction Approver, Manager, Auditor, Application Approver, or Order Requestor, AND you do not have a card, contact your organization's program administrator for password reset, login, and navigation assistance.

Note:    Other system roles (e.g., Transaction Approvers, Auditors, and so on) are available in PaymentNet to support your organization's card program.